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Keep Your Boat Looking Like New with Our boat Detailing Services

Our professional boat detailing services are designed to help you maintain the appearance and condition of your vessel, both inside and out. From exterior detailing to interior cleaning and maintenance, we offer a range of services that can help you protect your investment and enjoy your time on the water to the fullest.

"I have used Powerhouse Marine Services now a couple of times to do a quick wash of my boat after I pull it out of the water. Each time they have been on-time and always friendly. Very pleased"

Tammy R

Your boat is more than just a vessel

It's an investment in your enjoyment and relaxation on the water. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a serious boater, taking care of your boat is essential for preserving its beauty, functionality, and longevity. That's where our professional boat detailing services come in.

Protect Your Boat From the Elements

Our exterior boat detailing services include a multi-step process to eliminate oxidization and restore the gel coat, as well as rust stain removal, protectant application, and more to help keep your boat looking great and protected from the elements.

  • Multi-step cut and polish to eliminate oxidization and restore gel coat (number of steps determined after assessment)
  • Light rust stain removal
  • Clean and apply protectant to non-slip surfaces
  • Polish all metal/chrome on windows/rail
  • Clean canvas from dirt & mildew
  • Clean and protect all vinyl and apply UV protectant
  • Clean and vacuum all carpet
  • Clean and protect Isinglass
  • And much more!

Keep Your Boat Looking and Smelling Fresh

Our interior boat detailing services are designed to keep your boat’s interior surfaces clean, fresh, and protected from damage. From conditioning seats and carpets to detailing the cabin and galley areas, we’ll help you maintain a comfortable and inviting boating environment.

  • Cleaning and conditioning seats
  • Vacuuming and shampooing carpets
  • Conditioning vinyl and applying protectant
  • Detailing the cabin and galley areas
  • Cleaning and polishing wood surfaces
  • Cleaning and polishing metal surfaces
  • Cleaning and protecting dashboard and electronics
  • Cleaning and deodorizing air vents
  • Cleaning and polishing glass and mirrors
  • And much more!

Preserve Your Boat's Beauty and Functionality

Routine cleaning and maintenance is essential for preserving the beauty, functionality, and resale value of your boat. Our regular maintenance services include canvas washing, deck and hull cleaning, compartment and hatch cleaning, and more to help you keep your boat in top condition.

  • Simple canvas washing
  • Deck cleaning
  • Hull washing
  • Compartment and hatch cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning and conditioning
  • Cleaning and polishing stainless steel
  • Cleaning and polishing chrome
  • Cleaning and polishing aluminum
  • Applying wax and sealant to protect exterior surfaces
  • And Much More

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